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EEM was formed in July 2010 when the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) approached Pete Smith (now EEM Chief Executive) who was working at Nottingham City Homes at the time. The idea behind EEM was that if Landlords joined together and brought in bulk, massive savings could be made. So there we have it, EEM was born with 5 Member Organisations.

7 years on and EEM now have 117 Member Organisations (as of Apr 2018) with an aggregated stock of over 1.4m properties whilst also supporting the NHS and Regional Police.

This mix brings about a membership that has vastly different stock numbers, governance arrangements, procurement strategies and investment profiles. The communities served are also quite different, ranging from major cities through to suburban and semi-rural environments.

EEM works so well because members work together to deliver sophisticated asset management solutions, driving both quality up and cost down. By planning and delivering their asset investment programmes collaboratively, EEM members secure cost savings and added value “non- cashable” benefits. We work directly with members, contractors and the supply chain to work more effectively and to co-ordinate a range of employment and training initiatives.

EEM’s vision is to develop a collaborative working approach that delivers the fullest possible range of organisational, financial and social benefits. Some of the EEM members are already individually taking advantage the benefits derived from partnership working with their supply chain, but there is a clear vision to combine individual best practice to establish a platform that can increase the benefits for all member organisations and thereby deliver a framework of social benefits whereby the sum is much greater than the parts, benefiting the region as a whole.

Our Vision

“EEM, guided by its membership, will continuously promote and share good procurement practice and collaborative working with its supply chain with the specific aims of increasing the effectiveness of services to tenants and investing in the communities its members serve.”


EEM is a not for profit company – Company Number 7762614

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Alfreton, Derbyshire
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