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Working with other consortia

September 24th, 2018 by

Did you know that EEM now has access to additional frameworks through our Collaboration consortia?

We have now established a formal collaboration between ourselves, Westworks, South East Consortium and Advantage South West. This means that we can now utilise each other’s frameworks and will continue to work together to align our processes and practices where we can to provide the best possible service to our combined membership.

Principles behind what we are trying to do:

  • Use the strengths of each consortia to create robust procurements
  • Share best practice to save time and costs for each consortia and ultimately our Members
  • Remove duplication for Suppliers and Contractors when tendering
  • Allow organisations to seamlessly use framework from across the consortia that best fit their requirements and geographical locations.


By being part of the Collaboration, we can now access a range of services that have not traditionally formed part of EEM’s suite of frameworks. These services include:

  • Legal Services
  • Consultancy Services including quantity surveying, stock condition surveys, EPC’s, fire risk assessments and heating consultancy.
  • Total Office Solutions including office supplies, paper, ICT supplies and office furniture

Use of these frameworks will still be managed through the EEM Team as normal but working with the Collaboration is enabling us to further expand our offering and support to Members.

In addition to the above we have also joined with our partner consortia to launch a new Development and Construction DPS. In all, our collective membership currently have over 2 million properties; from housing to commercial to corporate and are constructing new property at an unprecedented rate and as Consortia we need to ensure we are providing a route to market for these projects.

The categories for the DPS are:

  1. Design and build of housing and non-housing developments with 1 to 10 units and projects with value up to £1.5m this lot will include developments of multiple phases each up to £1.5m
  1. Design and build of housing and non-housing developments with 11 to 40 units and projects with value up to £4.5m this lot will include developments of multiple phases each from £1.5m to £4.5m
  1. Design and build of housing and non-housing developments with over 40 units and projects with value over £4.5m
  1. Construction and major refurbishment/remodelling of property schemes may include, but are not limited to, the following types of work:
    New build/extension and adaptation schemes within the care environment
    • New build/extension and adaptation schemes for commercial/industrial projects
    • Major and minor adaptations of existing buildings
    • Office refurbishment
    • Refurbishments
    • Regeneration works
    • Structural works

Unlike a framework, a DPS remains open to new suppliers after the initial procurement round. This means that potential suppliers are not “locked out” of the arrangement for four years and also it allows smaller businesses access to works that larger suppliers would struggle to deliver. So, if you are currently working with a Contractor who think might be interested and suitable for one the above categories please get in touch.


We are also working on other initiatives within the Collaboration so watch this space for more updates later in the year.

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Supplier Engagement Days

September 24th, 2018 by

Over the next 2 years we have over 20 frameworks to renew, ideas for at least another 5 DPS arrangements and preparation for the renewal of all our materials agreements which expire in 2021. With this in mind we are keen to engage with as many contractors as possible to promote the benefits of securing a place on our framework and dispel any concerns or negativity towards working with consortia and tendering processes.


To help us achieve this we held our first Supplier Engagement Day on Wednesday 26th September at our offices which was a huge success with 23 contractors attending to come and talk to us. The day was focussed towards engaging with contractors of all sizes who are wishing to find out more about working with EEM and upcoming opportunities. It was only open to contractors we have not previously worked with.

The EEM Procurement Team were on hand during the day for one to one chats about the opportunities we have coming up, to explain how EEM operates and how we lot our frameworks and to talk contractors through our tendering portal and standard documents. There was also a presentation running throughout the day, FAQ sheets and information about EEM and our tender process for contractors to take away.

Going forward we plan to replicate the supplier engagement day on a monthly basis whereby potential contractors and suppliers will be able to make appointments to meet one of the EEM Procurement Team. Although not yet finalised we may also roll these sessions out to other locations to attract contractors across a range geographical locations so that our frameworks are suitable for our wider membership and geographical spread. We hope to engage with as many potential new contractors as possible.


Please see for our procurement activity planned for the next 2 years.

TitleGo live dateExpected Tender Date
EEM0053 – Passive Fire ProtectionNov 2018Out to Tender
EEM0069 – Facilities ManagementDec 2018Out to Tender
DPS0003 – UPVC Repairs, Locksmith Services & GlazingDec 2018Nov 2018
EEM0005 – Decorating MaterialsApr 2019Dec 2018
EEM0064 – Electric Vehicle Charge InfrastructureApr 2019Dec 2018
EEM0056 – Property Improvement WorksJun 2019Jan 2019
EEM0007 – Water TreatmentJul 2019Apr 2019
EEM0057 – Kitchen & Bathrooms
(To be combined with EEM0056)
Aug 2019Jan 2019
EEM0011 – Drainage clearance and CCTV inspectionOct 2019Jun 2019
EEM0033 – Lift ConsultancyFeb 2020Oct 2019
EEM0009 – Electrical Repairs, Rewires & Domestic Periodic ChecksMar 2020Nov 2019
EEM0028 – Re-roofing ServiceMar 2020Nov 2019
EEM0024(1) – Asbestos SurveysApr 2020Dec 2019
EEM0024(2) – Asbestos RemovalApr 2020Dec 2019
EEM0023 – PPE & Site Equipment SuppliesApr 2020Dec 2019
EEM0027 – Out of Hours repair serviceJul 2020Mar 2020
EEM0017 – Roofing Repairs and Asphalt Flooring
(May combine with EEM0028)
Jul 2020Nov 2019
or Mar 2020
EEM0036 – Demolition ServicesAug 2020Apr 2020
EEM0026 – Heating and Hot Water SystemsSep 2020May 2020
EEM0015 – Portable Appliance TestingSep 2020Jun 2020
EEM0025 – Printing, Fulfilment and MailingSep 2020May 2020
EEM0019 – Void Property Cleansing
(May combine with current Void Security EEM0042)
Sep 2020Apr 2020
EEM0022 – Small Plant, Fasteners & FixingsSep 2020Jun 2020


If you have any questions, please contact info@eem.org.uk or call 01246 395610





Free Seminar: Social Housing Green Paper

September 24th, 2018 by


SOCIAL HOUSING GREEN PAPER: What it means for Asset Management

Delivered by legal experts Trowers & Hamlins LLP

The government has promised that proposed reforms of social housing will “re-balance” tenant-landlord relationships and pave the way for stronger communities. Discover the impact this will have on asset management.

Wednesday 10th October 2018

This 45 minute seminar will take place at 10:30am and will be repeated at 1pm.

Taking place at the EEM Showcase at Trent Vineyard Conference Centre, Nottingham

lease register at www.eemshowcase2018.eventbrite.co.uk to attend the event / seminar

Who’s invited?
All EEM members and other social housing providers are welcome.


Trowers Hamlin

Framework and DPS News

September 21st, 2018 by



Passive Fire Protection (EEM0053)
This replaces our current Fire Door Set framework and covers all passive fire works including fire doors, compartmentalisation works and health checks.
Currently out to tender – closing date 4th October 2018.
The new framework will be ready to use from 5th November 2018.
Please note that we are no longer able to make awards through the previous framework.
Please contact alex@eem.org.uk if you would like more information.

Supply of Electrical Materials (EMC0010)
To supplement our existing electrical materials supply we are looking to appoint up to 4 additional suppliers.
Currently out to tender – closing date 24th September 2018.
The new framework will be ready to use from 29th October 2018.


Electrical Vehicle Charge Points (EEM0064)
Member consultation stage.
If you would like to be involved in the creation of this framework to ensure it meets your requirements please email alex@eem.org.uk
Estimated to go out to tender in January 2019 and to be ready to use in April 2019.

Water Treatment (EEM0007)
Member consultation stage.
If you would like to be involved in the creation of this framework to ensure it meets your requirements please email alex@eem.org.uk
Estimated to go out to tender in April 2019 and to be ready to use in July 2019.

Property Improvement Works (EEM0056)
Member consultation stage.
If you would like to be involved in the creation of this framework to ensure it meets your requirements please email amy@eem.org.uk
Due out to tender January 2019. Currently redeveloping the specification to expand the scope and lotted to reflect the varying project sizes and types that are currently going through the framework. It is likely that EEM0057 Kitchen & Bathroom framework will be incorporated into the new framework. Please note that the existing framework will be in operation until June 2019.

Facilities Management (EEM0069)
This will be a brand new framework for EEM. It will cover all Hard and Soft services such as mechanical and electrical, building maintenance, grounds maintenance and cleaning.
The new framework will be ready to call off from in early December 2018.
Please contact amy@eem.org.uk if you would like more information.

🡆 Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS): Ready for Applications & Mini Tenders

Property Preservation Works (DPS0004)
This DPS for Property Preservation Works is now live and incorporates damp proofing works. Please click here for further details.

🡆 Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS):  Ready for Applications

Development Contractors (DPS0005)
Fellow procurement consortium Westworks has recently undertaken the re-procurement of their hugely successful Development Contractor Framework. Westworks has procured this arrangement on behalf of the “Collaboration” consortia partners namely; EEM, Westworks, Advantage South West and South East Consortium.
All EEM members automatically have access to this arrangement. Please contact info@eem.org.uk for more information.

🡆 Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS):  Coming Soon

Locksmith Services, UPVC Repairs and Glazing Works (DPS0003)
Member consultation stage.
If you would like to be involved in the creation of this framework to ensure it meets your requirements please email brogan@eem.org.uk




£170,000 of Community Donations handed out to EEM members

September 20th, 2018 by

We are proud to announce that we are in the final stages of distributing £170,000 to 80 EEM members via our Community Donation scheme.

This include 33 members who are receiving a donation for the first time which means that we have nearly doubled the number of organisations in receipt of a donation compared with last year.

As a not-for profit organisation, we choose to distribute our operating surplus via this scheme to directly benefit the communities our members serve with donations ranging from £120 right up to £21,658.


Over the last 5 years we have distributed £627,941 via our Community Donation scheme as well as a further £91,500 raised for charities through fundraising at our annual Building Communities Awards.


The distribution of our community donations formed a large part of our submission for the Community Impact award at the East Midlands Chamber Business Awards in September 2018 which we were extremely proud to have won. Click here to read more and watch our reaction video.

Community donations are calculated based upon the income received for that member. The donations are strictly for the use of supporting the communities members serve and not to support budgets or work that the member should be doing as a right. We had some fantastic examples of where last years donations were spent and have already received updates from members on their intentions for this year’s money. We love hearing about who has benefited so please get in touch if you are receipt of a donation.

Click here to see if your organisation has received a donation this year.



EEM Donation helps to support people living with dementia

On 15 September 2018, NCHA invited EEM to the opening of a fantastic new facility at Holmfield Day Centre, a purpose-built day centre dedicated to supporting people living with dementia and their families.

The NCHA Community Donation of £2,732 contributed towards their ‘reminiscence village’ which has been designed to provide a passage back in time, to a place that will be easily recognised by those living with dementia. Our Events & Communication Officer (Sophia Cox) attended the open day to represent EEM and we were really pleased to be presented with a certificate in recognition of our contribution.

Sophia said “It was an absolute pleasure to attend the opening of the reminiscence village. When I was there I spoke to users of the facility who regularly travel over an hour to the Day Centre as they just don’t have anything nearby to them which provides a full day out in a safe and fun environment for their parent who lives with dementia. There was a great atmosphere at the opening and everyone involved should be very proud of what they have achieved.”

The reminiscence village is a collaboration between Holmfield Day Centre and neighbouring George Hythe House Care Home, both owned by Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA). Click here to read more.

For more examples of how EEM Community Donations have been spent please click here.

Pictured below: The opening of the ‘reminiscence village’ where NCHA chose to spend their Community Donation of £2,732

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