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Rixonway Kitchens

May 17th, 2017 by
Rixonway next day

Rixonway Kitchens, one of the leading manufacturers working in affordable and social housing, has launched a Next Day kitchen delivery service.  The national service is a direct response to both clients and contractors need to have a kitchen delivered as quickly as possible to speed the re-let times for void properties.

The ability to order a Trieste Kitchen before 3pm and have it delivered the next day ensures that no time is being lost when ordering fixtures and fittings for a void property.  Furthermore the kitchens are delivered to a valid plot postcode and are rigid thus reducing the installation time. This new service provision is in addition to the launch of the “Call off Manager” IT system. The system, which meets the demand from Contractors to specify and order kitchens via a secure online portal, removes the delay in waiting for a purchase order to be raised prior to placing an order. Once an order is called off, the contractor can track their unique production and delivery schedule online thus reducing both time and administration costs.

Sales Director Phil Bonar said: “We have a record of consistently introducing innovations and improving our service provision. The next day delivery service creates a unique position in our industry and allows vacant properties to get back on the market quickly and efficiently”.

 For further information please contact Rixonway on 01924431300 or view the next delivery film online at http://www.rixonway.co.uk/social-housing/nextdaydelivery/

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