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Electrical Materials

  • Framework Ref: EMC0010
  • Start Date: April 2011
  • End Date: April 2021
    Call-off contracts can be run for two years beyond the date of the framework
  • OJEU Contract Notice: 2010/S 174-265978
  • OJEU Award Notice: 2011/S 84-137220
Electrical materials

If you would like to request further details about this framework, please email info@eem.org.uk or call 01246 395610

Electrical Materials


EEM has a framework provision for the supply and distribution of electrical materials with Edmundson Electrical, Smith Bros. (Caer Conan) Wholesale Ltd, YESSS Electrical, CEF, Rexel and CPS.



EMC0010 - Electrical Materials


EEM also has a contract with EnviroVent for the supply of electric fans.

EEM has preferential rates with certain manufacturers of other electrical products, but if a member has a specific requirement for a particular manufacturer’s products, EEM will work with the distributor to gain support from the manufacturer in question. Rates are agreed for the whole financial year where possible.



Rowena Jones, Data Officer at EEM, can undertake benchmarking activities on your behalf.

Members can send a list of their most frequently purchased items to be priced up with identical manufacturers where possible and suggestions of alternate manufacturers of the same quality or higher to highlight areas for potential savings.

Rowena can be contacted at rowena@eem.org.uk or 01246 395604.



EEM is proud of their procurement and operating model and part of the service is to demystify the procurement process and bring greater transparency.

Part of the transparency approach is that all members have access to our Pricebook website which has been created to give members instant access to material rates supporting open and transparent benchmarking.

The Pricebook has been developed by the EEM team and is available 24/7 once the member has registered. Currently there are thousands of prices listed and more are being loaded weekly.

To request access, please contact rowena@eem.org.uk or call 01246 395604.



EEM operates a systematic invoice verification service to ensure members and contractors who purchase materials through the EEM supply chain are charged the correct rates. This service is automatically undertaken on plumbing, electrical and building materials with other material suppliers available to be reviewed by request.

The service includes:

• Obtaining monthly spend reports for EEM members’ purchased items from the large distributors.
• Cross referencing to agreed EEM rates (Pricebook)
• Identify over / under charges – Any overcharges automatically re-credited to the member
• Report findings monthly – Including a drill down to branch/invoice & individual items
• Provide usage information to manufacturers
• Review off catalogue items to enable EEM to negotiate better support from manufacturers



  • Compliancy – This Framework is fully compliant with UK Procurement Regulations and the EU Procurement Directive. We’ve undertaken the procurement work so you don’t have to.
  • Quick & Simple to use – There’s no need to run a full EU tender and EEM will manage the process on your behalf where required.
  • Approved Contractors – All Contractors have already been assessed during the framework tender process for their experience, financial stability, Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity and working practices.
  • Ongoing Support – Members will have ongoing support during the call-off contract from both the EEM Procurement and Projects Teams. We can attend kick start meetings, review meetings and assist with the completion of the contract documentation.
  • Competitive Pricing – All pricing is fixed for the first agreed period of the framework and where possible fixed from April to March each year to give certainty within each financial year. EEM will manage and negotiate all price increases to ensure fair application across our Members.


If you are not already a member of EEM but would like to request further details, please email info@eem.org.uk or call 01246 395610.

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