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Collaboration Development Contractor Framework

July 16th, 2018 by

Fellow procurement consortium Westworks is about to start the re-procurement of their hugely successful Development Contractor Framework. Westworks will be procuring this arrangement on behalf of the “Collaboration” consortia partners namely; EEM, Westworks, Advantage South West and South East Consortium.

This means that all EEM members will have access to this procurement.

Because of the large area covered by the Collaboration and the need to attract more SME providers as well as the larger organisations, this procurement will run as a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

This means that rather than the framework being tendered, awarded and then closed for four years, we are able to keep access for contractors open via a Request to Participate (RTP) system, which is in effect a PQQ to get onto an “approved list”. In practice this means that there will be no pricing exercise to undergo during the initial tender and any subsequent RTP.

However, because the way in which mini-competitions are run through the current framework based on similar principles, the process will remain largely unchanged in so much that there will be an ITT stage for any call-offs that will be project specific and require pricing etc. at that stage rather than at the “OJEU” stage.

Westworks have a system of Expression of Interest (EoI) and where necessary a reduction in the number of bidders by a sifting brief which is a project-specific questionnaire. Westworks do this so that the number of participants is manageable and to be very mindful of the amount of work required by bid teams to complete an ITT. Participants will also have the opportunity to decline mini-comps.

The DPS will cover four main categories:
1. Design and build of housing & non-housing developments with 1 to 10 units and projects with value up to £1.5m this lot will include developments of multiple phases each up to £1.5m
2. Design and build of housing & non-housing developments with 11 to 40 units and projects with value up to £4.5m this lot will include developments of multiple phases each over £1.5m to £4.5m
3. Design and build of housing & non-housing developments with over 40 units and projects with value over £4.5m
4. Major refurbishment/remodelling of property including commercial / corporate property

The geographical coverage of this arrangement is established by tenderers stating which post codes they can serve and then those who successfully secure a place on the DPS will be invited to participate in any opportunity that comes up in that area within the categories that they have been awarded.

The DPS means also that arrangements can run for more than the prescribed four years allowed under a framework and also longer-term partnerships between contractors and clients is possible.

For contractors wishing to join this DPS:  We anticipate being in a position to advertise the procurement on OJEU and Contracts Finder by the end of July. Once registered HERE you will receive and automated notification when we issue the tender and so there is no need to do anything more just yet.

We will keep you informed of any changes to this arrangement.







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