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Investing in IT – and still handing out community donations!

January 11th, 2018 by

Investing in IT – and still handing out community donations!

To improve our day-to-day service for Members, we’re investing part of the surplus we make in our IT services this year.

We’ll be creating a dedicated procurement portal, which will be more intuitive and help Members access information about the frameworks, materials and suppliers, easily and effectively. We will also be investing in greater IT analysis, helping our teams to be better informed, and therefore able to support Members and Contractors, with even more knowledge and statistics.

By creating an EEM Procurement platform we can be more proactive in our procurement activity, by having a holistic view of what our members are planning for the future, which should help bring even greater efficiencies. At least one other Consortia is proposing to support EEM during the development, enabling their members to take advantage of standardised procurement documents.

Although we will be investing in our IT services, this will not affect the Community Donations figure, which is also taken from the company’s surplus. This year, we still plan to invest £144,000 in our Members’ community projects, as part of our annual donations scheme.

We will be updating you during the year on our progress with the new IT procurement portal, available to Members later in 2018.

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