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Sprinkler Systems

June 27th, 2017 by

Following the tragic events at Grenfell tower in London, EEM has received a number of requests from members for a sprinkler framework. 

Whilst EEM does not have a framework in place at this time, one of the next tenders to be advertised is for fire alarm maintenance which includes sprinkler maintenance, therefore our proposal is to add a ‘Lot’ for the installation of sprinklers covering retrofit and new build.

To create the best possible specification, EEM Chief Executive Pete Smith has asked Dave Coss from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue to provide support and be part of the team. Dave was the link between EEM and the University of Dundee for the research and development of a new smoke alarm that will wake children following the fire in Derby that killed six children.

As EEM has 91 members spread across the UK of varying sizes and property portfolios, the help and support of members is really needed to create a robust specification that forms the best possible foundation to meet all members requirements regardless of size. 

The help EEM is looking for is in the form of any sprinkler specifications members may already have, so the procurement team aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel as this exercise needs to be completed efficiently and timely. EEM proposes to work with specifications that have already been tested then create a working group to enhance or improve where necessary. EEM want to ensure that members have a choice between systems such as water mist fire protection and sprinklers.

Support will be required once the specifications have been received and all the requirements have been identified. EEM propose to hold a workshop with members and expert advisers (such as the Fire Authorities) so as one, the best specification available can be produced with credibility and most importantly ‘buy in’ from the Fire Authorities.

If you are able to assist, please send any sprinkler system specification you may have to pete@eem.org.uk and advise if you would like to have a representative on the working group when this is formed.


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