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Tender and Framework News

June 20th, 2017 by

(Last updated 18th August 2017)

Frameworks recently awarded and ready to use:


EEM0066:    Vinyl & Wet Room Flooring Works : Click here for details
EEM0044:    External Environmental Improvement Works : Click here for details
EEM0046:    External and Internal Wall Insulation, Render Systems and Associated Works Click here for details


Frameworks under renewal (previous frameworks may still be available):


EEM0037:    Door Entry & CCTV Systems : Click here for details  (Tender closed and in evaluation – Due to go live Sep 2017)
EEM0068:    Supply and Distribution of Materials : Due to go live Oct 2017  (Out to tender – Closing date 30th Aug 2017)
EEM0041:    Passenger Lift Installation : Click here for details (Due to go live Oct 2017)
EEM0067:    Fire & Intruder Alarms & Fire Protection Equipment (inc. sprinklers) : Click here for details (Due to go live Oct/Nov 2017) (Click here for the PIN notice)
EEM0029:    Adaptations : Documents in preparation – (Click here for the PIN notice)


Frameworks coming soon:


EEM0064:    Passive Fire Protection & Fire Risk Assessment 
EEM0068:    Manufacture of Off-Site Homes (via a DPS)


If you would like to be involved in establishing and evaluating any of the above framework specifications to ensure they meet your needs, please email info@eem.org.uk or call 01623 729945.





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