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EEM BC Awards 2018 – Entries Now Open!

October 17th, 2017 by

It’s time to start putting together your entries for the Building Communities Awards 2018! We’re inviting all those in the housing and construction industry to enter one or more of our new and improved categories for this year.

Have a look below to find out more about the categories and writing your entries. It’s free to enter and all submissions must be sent to us by 10pm on Monday 20th November 2017.

We will announce the shortlist on Friday 15th December 2017, and the awards ceremony will take place on Friday 16th February 2018.


The Event

Hosted by EEM Ltd, the annual black tie event expects to see nearly 400 housing and construction professionals this year at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham.

Tickets are priced at £60+VAT (tables seat ten guests). As well as the awards ceremony itself, the event will include a drinks reception, three course dinner, charity auction and raffle. It will be followed by live entertainment, midnight snacks and for those staying over, or just staying out late, there will be a cashless casino set up in the De Vere Orchard Hotel next door.


Applying for an Award Category

To apply for a category, please complete the Awards Application Entry Pack. You can access and save the Pack template by clicking here. Please return your completed entry to sophia@eem.org.uk.


Writing your Entry

  • Entries should be submitted by email to sophia@eem.org.uk before 10pm on Monday 20th November 2017. EEM Ltd reserve the right to extend the deadline.
  • Late entries will be rejected unless circumstances are exceptional, in which case EEM Ltd will make the final decision about whether to accept the late entry.
  • Entries must include a 50 word summary, which will be used for PR purposes and therefore must not contain confidential information.
  • Entries will be no more than 1,000 words, which should not be covered in the supporting document. Entries (apart from the summary as stated above) will be treated as confidential by EEM Ltd and the judging panel.
  • Supporting materials can be submitted to help the judges evaluate your entry. Material could include reviews, media coverage and additional information about your entry, as well as any details on partner organisations which contributed.
  • Each entry can include up to five supporting photos and up to three videos (specifically relevant to the category and entry submission), supplied as web-accessible links.
  • At the time and date of submission, entrants agree that the information supplied is truthful and accurate.
  • All shortlisted organisations will be posted on both the EEM and Building Communities Awards websites on Friday 15th December.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries one organisation can make.
    • Please ensure you have secured the appropriate rights and clearances for all materials and images submitted. The Building Communities Awards or EEM Ltd will not be liable for any copyright, trademark, patent infringement held against entries.
    • Entrants must have the written permission of any third party involved in the entry, or with whom they have worked on the project, prior to its submission in these awards.
  • There is no entry fee, although at least one representative must be present at the awards ceremony on Friday 16th February 2018 for all shortlisted organisations.
  • All winners will receive one glass/acrylic award. If you would like a duplicate award manufacturing, please advise at the time of entry. Duplicates will be chargeable to the entrant.
  • A category may not be entered by the organisation providing sponsorship for that particular category.
  • All categories are awarded based on the decision of our independent panel of judges.
  • The decision of the judges is final and numerical scores only will be provided on request as feedback to any non-shortlisted entrant. Judges may not be approached by entrants for additional feedback.


The Categories

Collaborative Working Award (max 1,000 words)

For this award, judges will be looking to see shining examples of partnerships, which have resulted in successful programmes of work. Entrants must demonstrate how they have collaborated with others, taken a seamless approach, aligned values and shared best practice and risk. You should show how working together as one, you were able to innovate and find better ways of working, sharing skills to solve problems and taking on challenges head on. Use facts, figures and supporting information to show how effective your approach was, and the difference it made.


Community and Social Value Award (max 1,000 words)

This award will be presented to the organisation which shows the greatest understanding of the communities it has been working in, and delivered notable benefits for local people and the surrounding environment. Judges will be looking to see positive community impact, examples of the social value achieved, backed up with tangible facts and figures, outlining clearly what level of value has been added through a project.


Team of the Year Award (max 1,000 words)

Whether your team works together on site, delivers an ongoing service within an organisation, or even brings different people together on a project, such as a group of residents, judges will be looking for the team that works best together to achieve shared goals. It’s important to show what the team does best collaboratively, as well as making it clear what the individual contributions have been, and how people’s skills and attributes were crucial to its success. Identify how the team has overcome challenges, communicated efficiently and successfully, and achieved measurable results.


Health and Safety Award (max 1,000 words)

Open to all sectors of the construction industry, this award will be presented to the organisation which can demonstrate a real commitment to compliance with health and safety legislation. Judges will want to see how entrants have employed an innovative approach to implementing systems, while embedding health and safety requirements into a companywide policy, or a particular project. You must be able to show how your success was measured and recorded, demonstrating quantifiable improvements.


Training Award (max 1,000 words)

Judges will be looking to present this award to the organisation which shows how training and development sits at the heart of everything it does. Entrants can focus on all aspects of training and employee development, from apprenticeship schemes to work experience, community-driven initiatives and even targeted higher education programmes. The entry should show how an organisation works with external training providers, further and higher education establishments, as well as highlighting the innovative ways an organisation has delivered schemes successfully.


Social Housing New Build Award (max 1,000 words)

A new category for 2018, this award will be presented to a contractor, registered social housing provider (or both), which has delivered an outstanding new build project. Judges will be looking for quality in design, innovation in build delivery, not to mention the added value initiatives which delivering wider benefits to the communities surrounding new build sites. Entrants must evidence how the success of the project was measured, the impact it had on the end user, as well as the challenges overcome and lessons learnt to achieve best practice.


Tenant of the Year Award (max 1,000 words)

This award celebrates an individual tenant who has gone the extra mile to improve the lives of others. Judges will be looking for someone who carries out work in their own community, and the wider area, delivering projects to improve the local environment, or the day-to-day lives of their neighbours, or a specific group of fellow residents. The category also celebrates those individuals committed to working alongside their landlords to improve services to others.


Board Member of the Year Award (EEM Members Only) (max 1,000 words)

Open to EEM members only, this award will be presented to a Board Member who has shown outstanding service to their organisation through the giving go their time, talents and resources. New to the Building Communities Awards this year, this category will celebrate the Board Members who go above and beyond their expected role, giving their all to furthering the goals and objectives of the organisation they represent. Judges want to hear examples of how a Board Members has led the organisation towards further success, supporting and developing an overall business strategy.


Apprentice of the Year Award (max 1,000 words)

This award will be presented to an apprentice who has shown the most dedication to both their job and training, seizing opportunities to develop and working hard to achieve their qualifications. Judges are looking for an individual who has made a significant contribution to their employer, the team they work in, and the people they are working for. Entries must demonstrate how an apprentice has worked as part of a team, what they have done to further themselves and develop new skills, and how their aspirations for the future have helped motivate them to achieve more. Include examples of the challenges an individual has faced, what barriers to learning they may have experienced, and how they overcame them.


Project of the Year Award (max 1,000 words)

In under 1,000 words, judges are looking for entrants to show how effectively an organisation, or a team of partners, has delivered an outstanding project efficiently, within budget to an excellent standard. From innovative design, to a positive health and safety record and the quality of the finished product, entrants must be able to demonstrate the success of their project through statistics, figures and anecdotal evidence of particular initiatives, community schemes or innovations.


Contractor of the Year Award (max 1,000 words)

In looking for the Contractor of the Year, the judges will expect to see examples of those contractors who have exceeded required levels of health and safety, found ways to reduce construction costs, brought projects in before time, while demonstrating business performance improvement. Entrants must show examples of successful project delivery, overall business objectives which aim to achieve positive outcomes for clients, such as social value, and demonstrate how they have successfully overcome challenges.


Registered Social Housing Provider Award (EEM Members Only) (max 1,000 words)

For EEM members only, this award will be presented to a registered social housing provider, which demonstrates best practice in building communities across the region it serves. Judges will be looking for an organisation which embraces collaboration with its contractors and builds strong relationships with project partners, stakeholders and communities. An organisation, which not only employs a supply chain, but supports it and demonstrates an understanding of the importance of local labour, and supporting a local supply chain to deliver a wider impact on the regional economy. The entrant must show how it puts its customers first, through positive collaboration with its key partners.


If you have any questions in relation to the application process, sponsorship opportunities or reservations, please e-mail EEM’s Events & Communications officer, Sophia Cox: sophia@eem.org.uk.



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